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About our NGO

Why NOSECRETS.NGO? We started a new chapter in our lives in The Gambia in 2018.
We decided to dedicate ourselves to support the young people of The Gambia by educating them in a wide range of activities.
Awakening them from their prevailing lethargy, accepting the challenge to struggle for their dreams & visions. We provide projects and workshops of all kinds to promote their individual talents. To enable them by gaining professional skills and knowledge to access a future career, be it to earn a secure salary or to start self-employment, in any case - to achieve (financial) independence.



To live in The Gambia means to survive in one of the world’s poorest countries. Education is one of the most powerful weapons in fighting poverty.
Knowledge is power! Every young person deserves the opportunity to realize his/her potential.

We envision a responsible and independent youth…
Decision Makers, Problem Solvers, Agents of Change and Leaders of Tomorrow. For a different, a liveable... a better future.

YOUTH - "Without them, there can be no future"
(Nelson Mandela)


Founded 17th of January 2019 in The Gambia by following Members



Founder & President

"Gambias Beaches, Sun & Sea... fantastic, but boring day by day!
I have so much knowledge & life experience in my head, it must be shared with the Gambian Youth."



Vice President

"The Gambian Youth has every right to take the opportunity of a lifetime. I grant them every support within the scope of NOSECRETS.NGO"




"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."
(Ralph Waldo Emerson)




"I meet too many hopeless people. Let us bring back a smile to the faces of the Gambian Boys & Girls... By the way, somebody has to be responsible for our Donations Accounts and Expenses."


To translate our target into a lasting support for the youth of The Gambia we offer different workshops and projects. Each of them headed by (inter-) national experts in their specialist field. Be it a craftsman, teacher, a businessman...
To inspire and equip the young people in The Gambia, especially the disadvantaged, with knowledge, attitudes, ethical and moral values as well as to excel in their skills. To enrich their lives, being ready to fight for their life goals and to strive for success.
Ultimately interacting effectively with the world and be members of a plural society.



And maybe over time we will even discover a hidden talent amongst the participants of our workshops and projects. Greedy for success and with the necessary fighting spirit plus powers of self-assertion. A leader of tomorrow, deserving every imaginable encouragement today.
We will accompany this young person on their path towards a promising future by building up an independent company. Starting with a personalised coaching, continuous consulting, draft of a business plan... up to micro-credits or loans.

Every young person is entitled to take the opportunity of a lifetime. It is Time for a Change!


We are pleased to offer to charitable minded people our rooms for a donation. If you like to support our NGO and if you are interested in one of our projects why don't you stay with us in The Gambia? Come as an active or a financial supporter and discover the real Gambian everyday life.
As a matter of course only Gambian trainees take care of you in our Charity House, all revenues in favour of the NOSECRETS.NGO.

Your donation helps us to ensure the lasting support for the youth of The Gambia and to finance our workshops and projects. Interested ? OUR ROOMS...